The WBEC-Pacific Board represents a team of business executives and WBENC-certified women business owners with in-depth expertise and a commitment to support the economic growth of women business enterprises. The board is responsible for charting WBEC-Pacific’s vision and mission, guiding finances, and above all, championing opportunities for women in business.



Janice Greene

President & CEO | WBEC-Pacific

Fernando Hernandez_Board Chair_Microsoft.jpg

Fernando Hernandez
Board Chair | Microsoft

Lynn Reddrick_Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.png

Lynn Reddrick
Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransico

Olsa Martini_Board Vice-Chair Leadership Forum_Olsa Resources, Inc..jpg

Olsa Martini
Vice Chair | Leadership Forum

Sandra James_Board Secretary _ Vice-Chair Leadership Forum_Private Eyes-01.jpg

Sandra James
Vice Chair | Leadership Forum
Board Secretary


Arlene Inch