Utilizing the Women Owned Logo

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Are you a WBE with a product or service for consumers? Are you trying to get more out of your certification by adding it to your brand? Too often we hear back from recently certified WBEs who find themselves asking, “now what?” when it comes to next steps to furthering their certification branding.  

One way to enhance your experience is by using the Women Owned logo. You may have already noticed the logo while shopping in your favorite stores, and that is no surprise. WBEs from all over the globe are sporting the Women Owned logo on their merchandise, storefronts, and websites. In 2014 after market research showed that an overwhelming majority of shoppers would go out of their way to purchase products from a Women Owned business, the official logo was created to bring consumer recognition to those products on store shelves both in the U.S. and international markets. The goal of the Logo is to make consumers around the world aware of the great products and services from Women Owned businesses, and in turn help these women continue to grow their businesses.

We wanted to offer these reminders of where to find your Women Owned logo, what it will do for you and your company, and other important resources offered through Women Owned that are available to you.

The Movement Behind the Logo

The Women Owned logo has become something much greater than proof of certification. It has become part of a movement to further the success of Women Owned businesses. Adding this logo to your product or service makes you a part of the widescale change that has been occurring globally: people want to know more about where their products and services are coming from. Buyers are more and more curious about the story behind the business and are looking for companies that they can align with and feel represented by. The logo makes you part of this exclusive club choosing to be on the forefront of this movement, which in turn can up your brand in the eyes of consumers and corporations.

Where to Find the Logo

If you are based in the U.S. and a certified WBE through WBENC, the Women Owned Logo is available to be downloaded in WBENCLink2.0 under branding materials. If you are certified through WEConnect International, request the logos by emailing logo@weconnectinternational.org.

Get Added to the Women Owned Directory

Another service offered by Women Owned is the Women Owned Business Directory. The directory is a voluntary benefit for certified Women Owned businesses with products or services for consumers. The directory is a great way for consumers to see your company if they are actively seeking out Women Owned products and services, as well as a way to be seen by corporate members. To see the directory, visit it here. If you would like to be included, contact womenowned@wbenc.org for more details.

You can learn more about the logo and some of the other Women Owned products by visiting the website: www.womenownedlogo.com. For a detailed webinar about how and why to implement the logo on your products visit the WBENC Insights Library: http://www.wbenc.org/wbenc-insights/.