Welcome to the WBEC Pacific Blog


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the WBEC Pacific blog. This post marks the first of many that will highlight Women Business Enterprises in the Pacific region. We will share stories, resources, lessons learned, videos, tips, and other topics that supports the journey of women owning and running businesses.

One of the cornerstones of what makes WBEC Pacific so special is the community of WBEs that support and encourage each other. Women business owners are a special class of entrepreneurs.  They are resilient and have overcome challenges. They are strong, candid, and know what they want.  Finding one person with these attributes is sometimes challenging. Finding an entire network with these characteristics is powerful.  

 WBEC Pacific covers a six-state region and since we can’t always meet face to face, we are creating this blog to close the distance and provide a space to inspire.  All of you, regardless of what stage you are in your business have something valuable to share with other WBEs.

This will be the focus of this blog: a little bit of the wisdom from the WBEC Pacific community available whenever and wherever. We look forward to bringing you exciting content in the upcoming weeks, from New Years Resolutions to features on all of our previous WBE Stars, and much more! Posts will go online every Thursday.

We hope to see you again here next week. Stay inspired. Stay knowledgeable. Stay powerful.


Janice R. Greene, PhD

President & CEO

Women’s Business Enterprise Council-Pacific