WBE Feature Friday: Jackie Welch and TIRO Life Coaching

Jackie Welch is a natural born speaker and coach. Others may seem surprised that Jackie left an almost 30 year corporate career to pursue her own life coaching business. But after getting the pleasure to interview Jackie, it is easy to see that this next step in her career was clearly kismet. Jackie commands every room she’s in, and she's combined that natural talent with her time at Xerox, to craft a life coaching business as powerful and as strong as the creator herself. Learn more about how Jackie decided to take on life as an entrepreneur, and what the future has in store for her and TIRO Life Coaching LLC., below.

How/Why did you start your business? What was your vision?

Upon my retirement in 2013, I was ready to do something new. After completing my 28-year career working for a Fortune 200 Company; Xerox Corporation, a premier organization deeply committed to career advancement, diversity, training and professional development. After almost three decades in corporate you must always be prepared to try new things and set your sights on new adventures. As the old saying goes… nothing last forever and I was ready to accept the challenge of learning and doing something different. So, I did. When I started my vision was to enable individuals and corporations to invest in their employee by providing Training, Coaching and Staff Development workshops.

Why did you choose to go into coaching?

I have always been an advocate for growth and professional development.  Therefore, coaching provides me the opportunity to collaborate with others allowing them to get unstuck, change their perspective and truly set goals and build a lifelong plan both personally and professional for today and the future.  Often the model of coaching we think of professional athletics who are the best at the game yet they still have coaches in their life. Why is that? (swim coach, golf coach, gymnastics coach, basketball coach, piano lessons which still require a coach etc.)  Because the coach provides them insight to their blind spots, motivation to stay focused and resources and a collaborative partnership between coach and client to help achieve your goals.


What barriers did you overcome to be successful? How did you overcome them?

One of my key barriers consisted of me finding my targeted market. I overcame the barriers by focusing on who my customers would be, and who would have the need for my services and started the journey of networking. Success is such a hard word to define because it really looks different for everyone. However, success for me is based on my own personal goals I set for myself. Therefore, when I achieve my goals this becomes my own personal yardstick and my measure of “success.”

How has WBEC-Pacific and/or WBENC certification contributed to your success?

My approach to my business has always been focused on credentialing, certifications to remove all barriers ensuing preparation for any organization interested in doing business with TIRO,LLC.

What advice would you give to new WBEs?

Being a new business owner is very very hard work. Therefore, make sure you have a very strong network that will keep you grounded and encouraged, motivated and can help open doors for you.

How would you suggest a WBE strengthen their network?

Wow, that is a great question! From a business perspective, putting on one of my old Xerox hats, know who your targeted audience is and who are the key customers the organization wants to serve. Where are those customers? While the world of social media has changed everything, it’s still very important to understand the needs of your customers and the best way to service them.

 What are you most excited to gain from your WBENC certification in 2019?

Revenue, business growth, meeting new partnerships, and exposure / visibility.

 What do you think the greatest challenge WBEs face?

Getting access to capital! 

 Do you have any additional comments for our readers? Any upcoming speaking engagements?

In an effort to grow and expand my business, I am considering a series called “professional development” webinars and a professional development academy occurring possibly on Saturdays allowing clients to join via conference call or video chat.  the courses will consist topics such as: sales, time management, communication, presentation skills, money management. Plus, I will be offering 30-minute coaching sessions. Those interested can find out more on my website: www.tirolifecoaching.com